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Since leaving education, I worked as a secretary and PA, predominantly for Lloyds Bank and latterly at Cardiff City Council.

My writing career began as a self-published author of children’s books.  Titles include, Woofaway – A Very Busy Dog, Pretty Nasty and The Bike.

In 2017 The Foundling Fairy and Does Butter Fly? were published by Pegasus. These were followed by Fred Bear – A Very Threadbare Bear, published in 2023 by Austin Macauley.

Magic is a book, a bed and a story well read.” 
Flick Jones

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“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book!”
Dr Seuss


Self-Publishing vs Traditional / Vanity Publishing

Many of us have a yearning to be a writer. So, one day, you finally sit down and begin to write. After the initial inspiration, quickly comes the self-doubt. Nevertheless, you overcome your doubts and ……..

The Monkees

Fred is now out of the battered cardboard box, and I’m amazed at the numerous places the threadbare bear has landed. You’ll find him on Amazon, eBay, Goodreads, World of Books, amongst many, many more ……..

Everyone Has a Book in Them

When I tell people, I’ve written a book and it’s been published, the first response is, “Wow, perhaps you will become as famous as J K Rowling!” The second is the well-known saying, “Everyone has a bo ……..

Read to Me, Please

One of my favourite quotes is by Emilie Buchwald:“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”A simple statement that is certain to encourage any parent to take a book from the shelf, cosy ……..

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

What an exciting 2023! After 26 years together, in March, Peter and I finally tied to knot and, after several years in the pipeline, Fred Bear is to be published this month. The expression, “Good Things ……..

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“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” Stephen King

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